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Just finished my Hiab course, the best way to describe the course is simply first class. The staff, structure of the course and equipment used by C.T.T.S is a credit to the transport industry. Thank you andy mckenna
Enjoyed the training, thank you for the help with hazard perception Jim and thanks Eddie for persevering throughout the week. Will recommend CTTS when I can. One more thing....thats a quality ring tone Eddie!! Keith Torley
Thanks to all at CTTS in helping me pass my PCV Licence, especially my instructor Len. The service received was excellent from initial booking up to the day of my test. The week long course was intensive and ultimately successful. The facilities were of a high standard as was the instruction from Len. To take someone, who had never driven a bus before, and train them to a standard required to pass their test in 4 and 1/2 days is quite an achievement. Thanks again guys and I'll recommend you when I can. See you when I'm back for my CPC. Ronnie King
I am 20 years old and was very nervous about going on a week PSV driving course having only recently passed my car driving test. The first day I arrived the 2 Jim's and the rest of the guys made me feel totally at ease. I can't imagine what they must have thought when they seen me turn up with very little car driving experience far less anything else ! They installed a confidence in me that allowed me to complete my course and pass my test. I now work full time as coach driver and love it. I couldn't have done it without the help and support of all the staff at CTTS, their professionalism and support was second to none. Thanks again guys Andrew Cowan
When we recruit a new driver we send them to CTTS for Digitacho / CPC training. The training and feed back from the driver's has been invaluable and has allowed us to maintain a professional competent staff of drivers that are also fully coherent with all new legislation. From all the staff at Ratho Coaches Ltd ...Thank you Ratho Coaches Ltd
After being made redundant I decided to do my Cat C. The guys were fantastic, very professional and made me feel very comfortable in a male dominated profession. I was nervous to say the least!! Evey One at C.T.T.S is very friedly. After passing my Cat C the Guys had given me the confidence to then go on and do my Cat C+E and Cat D. At present I am driving C+E for a living and couldn't have done any of this without these guys!! I would Strongly recommend these guys as the service is first class. Thanks Guys Kelly Ann Wilson
What a rush this week was to be driving a class 2 for 4 days then sitting my test on the 5th day.thanks to all the guys for the help and to len cheers mate for teaching me more tricks to the trade CTTS is the dogs bollocks thanks again lads hugh matthews (ACC HARTHILL CO OP)
Have just successfully completed a 5 day training course for PCV. The simplist, honest way to describe C.T.T.S - DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN,so if you want to retrain and get value for your money I recommend you go to C.T.T.S, thanks to everyone, especially my instructer Jim. Walter Banks
Excellent week, enjoyed the training for my PCV, all credit to trainer Len Taylor, very thorough, gave off lots of confidence in his approach, and the back up provided and assistance in booking future courses from the staff was appreciated, thanks again. Davi Sadler
Finished lorry loader course with the Jim on the 25 June. I thought the course was very interesting and set at a steady and understanding pace. Jim has great sense of humour with a fresh and professional approach to students. Cheers Jim :) Barry Mcintosh
After arriving in Scotland from South Africa I converted my licence and I found I needed to resit the tests for my LGV and PCV licence. I was assisted by Jim M for the majority of my course and successfully completed the ambulance driver training. On my last day Jim G took me for a drive and gave me some extra tips to help me pass. It was 5 long days but truly worth it in the end. Everyone there makes you feel right at home and relaxed. Just what you need to focus on the task at hand... passing your tests. Two licences in one week... it can be done! I would recommend CTTS to anyone who is looking to do ambulance driver training for the emergency services. Thanks again to everyone at CTTS! You are all FIRST CLASS! Mark Kenmuir
MRS Distribution has used the training services of C.T.T.S on many occasions, we have found them to be both reliable and trustworthy. I would not hesitate to recommend C.T.T.S to other companies who are looking at training. C.T.T.S instructors are both professional and courteous at all times, but they are also friendly and communicate well with whoever they are training whether they are drivers or warehouse personnel, they bring the human element into training. Jackie McEwen
Back to do my CPC, and again, success. This time I had the benefit of the wisdom of the two Jims. Jim G in the classroom and Jim M for the practical. The exam is a show and tell excercise and I was well prepared by my tutors. It is easy to see how they have so much success where others companies fail. Once again many thanks to CTTS for their professionalism and patience. Ronnie King
Just passed Class I with Eddie. I found CTTS to be totally professional from day 1. I would recommend them to anyone. Enjoyed the training and picked up a lot of good tips from 2 bowl soup Eddie, cheers lads. Stevie Wardlaw
I have just passed my B+E test today and I am over the moon. I have 2 horses and needed to be able to go to events without relying on my dad! Jim was fantastic with me over the last 3 days and I would thoroughly recommend CTTS to anyone who also has to sit this. A massive thank you! P.S I CAN now reverse that bloody box :) Kay Grant
I sat both My Class 2 & my Class 1 with CTTS and as the people above have also stated CTTS offer a first class service which is both professional and curteous at all times. I would have no hesitation in recommending CTTS to anyone who is looking to undertake any kind of driver training. Keep up the great work lads & I am sure you`ll have a safe & secure future ahead of you all. Wishing you all l the Best for the future. Paul Tinley
I have just completed the one D1 & C1 Ambulance course and passed both. Excellent value at Richard Garside
I completed my B+E training back in April and passed first time. The level of training provided was excellent and I am now confidently transporting my horse on my own several times a week and feel comfortable towing in all condition (including some pretty nifty reversing) I've recommended CTTS to all of my friends who are looking to do their training! Many thanks!! Kirstin Bell
Just passed my Class 2 LGV test, after training with CTTS. The training i received was first class, Len and all the guys were excellent, very friendly and very helpful. Thanks again guys! Dougie Hamilton
Today i completed my B + E test first time thanks to the great help from Jim at CTTS. He taught me everything required to pass the test and in a very efficient fun mannor. I will definatley use Ctts for more training. John Morton (Capital Tree Services)
just passed my class 2 today, 21/08/09. C.T.T.S were recomended to me by some of my friends so as they have done with me i will recomend them to everyone. The facilities and training vehicles are first class. the staff are very friendly and will do all they can to help you and make you feel welcome. Jim McEwan was my instructor. Jim was the best. didn,t have a good start but with jim's help and training have now found myself trained to a high standard and the proud owner of a class 2 licence. So a very big thanks 2 jim and also to the rest of the staff who take time to talk to you and help with any questions. THANKS. Robert Turner
Just passed my c1 test 19/08/09 first time thanks to the boys at CTTS and an excellent 3 days instruction from Jim. Thanks again. Joe Feeney
ive just finished my pcv course with CTTS training was top notch all the staff done a great job highly recommend by the way guys jim ate all the biscuits. Norman Ramage
just done my class 1 with eddie, top notch companie to learn with carl bell
Hi Guys sorry for the delay but iv been offline. I passed my class 2 in May09 first time, thanks to CTTS and my instructor eddie,It was a great week and learned alot looking forward to my class1 next year guys.So if any1 is reading this CTTS is the way to go if you want to upgrade your entitlement.PS if you are looking for trainee instructors give me a call.best regards. Ian Hyndman. Ian Hyndman
Hi i passed my B+E test after doing a three day course with CTTS, i had very little experince towing a trailer but the staff and instructers made it do able with their great lessons and positive, happy attiutde. i recommend these courses for anyone. thanks to you all, i passed and had a fun time :) Moira Macleod
Thanks to C.T.T.S, I recently passed my PCV test after 4 Gordon Reid
Yaaay- now i can drive my horsebox! Thanks guys! p.s.. Lenny.......Im still a nugget haha Rhona Henderson
Very good service,I had a very good training with the best instructors. I had no problem passing my practictall exam and that is all thanks to the instructors. Thanks to all Gianmarco Marroni
hi guy's just managed to sit down fo a moment; just to say a big thanks to everyone at CTTS,who helped me pass PCV CAT:D on the 30'th of sept;09,if you need training! get it from the professionals,and that can only be the guys at C.T.T.S; a big thank you guy's all the best. kenny hibbert
Just passed my PCV class D today, many thanks to all at C.T.T.S for their highly professional training. Thanks especially to my trainer, Kenny, for his words of wisdom and encouragement, and to Jim for his final guidance this morning. I will have no hesitation in recommending C.T.T.S to anyone that I meet looking for quality HGV/PCV practical and CPC training. Thanks all for setting me off in my new career. Martin Poller
An outstanding service! Each training instructor is at the top of their game and you will be garanteed a friendly and profesional approach to your training so i would like to give a massive thanks to all at ctts! Kris Johnston
An outstanding service! Each training instructor is at the top of their game and you will be garanteed a friendly and profesional approach to your training so i would like to give a massive thanks to all at ctts! I haven't enjoyed myself as much as that for a long time, great fun driving the bus. And I got my cat D licence. Many thanks to Eddie, Len and Jim Stephen J Hanlon
A huge thankyou to all at ctts for getting me through my hgv class 1&2, pcv tests and cpc training. To anyone hesitating about using ctts don't these guys are 1st class. Cheers guys i appreciate everything you did for me. Best of luck for the future. Rob Silverman
I had an ambition to learn to drive a class 2 vechile after loosing my lower right leg(below knee) in an accident with one when i was 6yrs old,i phoned C.T.T.S and spoke to Jim who invited me to visit C.T.T.S and have a blether about the needs and requirements to pass a the test,when i left that day i honestly felt that i had found a company that would help me acheive this.Len's teaching was second to none.The two Jims gave me the confidence to go about this with the required attitude to succeed,also had support from Eddie.TOGETHER WE ACHIEVED SUCCESS,cant thank the lads enough, would not hesitate to recommend C.T.T.S to anyone. BRIAN TAYLOR Brian Taylor
I passed my manual pcv licesse with wee Jim's help. What a laugh we had and i enjoyed my whole week, just wished it didn't have t finish so quickly. Thinking of coming back and doing my c cat license now and wouldn't be doing it anywhere apart from CTTS. Might see you again Jim shortly, anyway did you get your whisky lol jaynie agnew
I would recommend CTTS to anybody looking to train further.i have just completed a hiab course there and i found Len and all the other staff there very friendly yet profesional.They provide a very good atmosphere to train under,and there knowledge and experience is immense. David Macleod
Hi everyone, I passed my manual driving test with CTTS and got 100% in my practical CPC but still waiting for my prize pupil award ;-) But seriously I had a great time with the guy Kathleen Neilly
i would like to thank all the staff at ctts for there excellent training. the staff are clearly some of the best in the industry. i would recommend ctts to anyone looking to gain a upgrade on there licence of hiab certificate. michael langford
I passed my B+E test on 29/01/10 first time, from the enquiring about the course to sitting the test(3rd time lucky due to two tests being cancelled due to the weather)the service I received was fantastic! Everyone is so encouraging and supportive. Thanks guys. Heather Stewart
I passed my LGV class2 on 5th of February at the 2nd attempt and i'm obviously delighted.My instructor Kenny was 1st class and put up with me for a week.His training and knowledge was excellent and without it i would have no chance.I would like to thank the 2 jims' and all the guys at CTTS for being helpful also.I will happily recommend Ctts to anyone i know who is thinking of training for an LGV/PCV licence.I will also come back to train for my LGV class 1 in the future. Thanks again Mark O'Donnell Mark O'Donnell
10/02/10 - Passed my B&E today, yeh!! Thank you to all the team at CTTS, for the warm welcome!Special thanks to Eddie, for all the help and support needed, to pass my test - thank you! The puppy dog says thanks Jim's for the dog treats!! Thank you all and will recommend you to all! XX Allison Smith (Ally)
Hi there i would like to thank everybody at ctts for all the training and help they gave me in passing my pcv test today 11/02/10,it was first class and will recommend you to all.thanks again john mcwatt
I recommended two of my friends to C.T.T.S. These guys are simply the best. Rab Cross AKRO
I passed my test a few weeks ago with CTTS and have had a great time learning with them. Fantastic instructors I would reccomend CTTS to anyone thinking of qualifying for the LGV or PSV licenses. Thank You CTTS . Radek Stando
I passed my PCV on 12/02/10. A big THANKYOU to Kenny he was brilliant,really put me at ease and gave me the confidence and self belief. I can still hear his voice when I'm driving. All the guys at CTTS are brilliant, thanks to 2 Jims,Lenny & Kenny highly recommend this company to anyone looking for training. Alyson Stevens
Hughly Professional Set Uo demanding exact standards. The very best Transport Training money can buy. Strongly Recommended Ian Jessup
The guys at CTTS are second to none and well worth training with. Recieved my C license with CTTS and now working at Grahams Dairies. Hope to go for C + E license this summer. Strongly recommend CTTS. Mark Vogan
Just passed my class 1 with CTTS today, had a great week training with Eddie (whos jokes were all rotten) and Kenny who was a REAL soldier lol ... thanks to all the staff at CTTS for their professionalism, help and encouragement. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of upgrading their licence. Jim McLean
hi just to say thanks for all the help i receved in passing my class 2 in late 07 and now went back and succesfully passed my class 1 on 12/3/10 first time . The training vehicles and staff are top class . If you sit your class 2 with them you also get a little bit of a discount when going for your class 1 . Thay will do thare best to help u in any way . got to say that Eddie the eagle is a very good instructor and will tell you how it is and agen a big thanks to jim and jim and all the staff at ctts for all thare help and support and all the best . Darren Blelloch
Hi CTTS! Just want to say thank you sooooo much for helping me get through my C1 and D1! I was really nervous to begin with and didnt know what to expect. The instructors were really helpful and I just want to say thanks for making it as stress free as possible! I would recommend them to anybody! Thanks to Jim and the team!! Jennifer Walker
Passed my Cat C on 1/4/10 and from the moment I stepped foot in the office at CTTS I was made feel welcome by everyone. The 2 Jims tell it as it is but still manage to make you feel totally at ease. My nstructor Len was First class a real professional and always willing to give helpful advice. He has the patience of a saint and I really enjoyed my week with him. A big thanks to Jim M for taking me for the drive before my test even though he was only working on half a lung I think. He gave me the confidence to just get it done, Thanks to Jim G for the CPC training (thanks to Jim M for showing me how to tie a dolly knot) Everything was explained in an easy way and the result speak for itself - 100%. Thanks again guys for your help I really do not know why anyone would choose to train anywhere else!! Alan Cox
I passed my B+E yesterday, thanks to the help of all the team at CTTS. The guys were utterly fantastic at putting me at ease and I was delighted to pass first time with only 1 minor. The tuition was fantastic and it was great to drive the Land Rover, which is similar to what I will be towing my horse with. No doubt he will appreciate my much improved driving and we are heading on our first solo outing this weekend. THANK YOU! Hannah Nesfield
If you want the best - go to CTTS!! I passed Cat D in 2008 and have gone back to do Cat C this year. The whole team are fantastic - my thanks this time goes to Len who took me for the Cat C but any of the team are superb and highly professional. Once I get my licence back from DVLC - I will be booking my C + E asap - once again many thanks - keep up the great work you do. Jack Jack King
Just passed my class 1 test yesterday (Thursday 27, May 2010). Once again, Jim Gillan, Jim McEwen and the team at CTTS have proven to display an exceptional high standard and quality of service, guiding me through my second HGV license. Thanks to Eddie for training me and helping me pass first time! I strongly recommend CTTS and wouldn't look anywhere else as I know you can't beat the price and standard of training. Thanks again. Mark Vogan
done a hiab refresher last week ive done ADR,HIAB, etc with a lot of training companys in the last 20 years but the training with len is whats lacking with a lot of companys, the diffrence with len is he wants you to improve push youre self, i think getting a pass last week meant more than all the bits of paper ive collected over the years.its a good company and id highly recommend them. wether youre new or an old hand.highly profesional. stephen cunningham
i have just passed my pcv with the help of kenny on 25th june 2010 i can still hear kennys voice it will be a while before i get back to normal even when i go in the car i can here him saying mirror mirror indicator blind spot but without his help this probley never had happened the rest of the tean at ctts where great recommened them to friends. janice fullarton
Big thanks to Len for the excellent and profesional HIAB training course which i have just sat and passed with CTTS, I would recomend these guys 100%.Very proficient and comprahensive training course which was both fun and invaluable. I am with an agency at the moment and when i told them who i trained with they put me forward for HIAB work starting next week. (an offer of work before i even arrived home) Cheers guys and thanks again Stewart Walker
I had to get c1 and d1 on my licence to apply to the ambulance service. I am so grateful to Jim Gillan for his excellent work, a very very nice man as are all the men who work in C.T.T.S. I was a nervous wreck to say the least and Jim was fantastic at settling my nerves, a real gentleman, thank you Jim I dont think I'd have got through it without you. I would highly recommend this professional company to anyone. Thanks again guys x lynsey love
I passed my class 2 and couldnt be happier with the service and tuition given.... Thanks Guys..Top Class..!( Len Your the man ) Lee Anthony
Many Thanks to Len and the team at CTTS for an excellent 3 days on the HIAB course which was very informative and challenging and which I enjoyed very much. I left confident and competent. Highly recommended!! Cheers Len. Gary Arnold
just passed my class 1 today, i would just like to thank eddie for all his hard work and time he spent with me, the training was 1st class and all the guys make you very welcome... and as always i will recommend ctts to everyone and i wish you all the best guys... wully gray
Just completed my D1 + E course. I had excellent training from Jim Gillan, I really appreciated the straight talking as well, it makes for a much more relaxing atmosphere. Thanks very much for all the help and getting me through the test. Bob Sangster
I recently passed both my LGV category C and CPC first time thanks to CTTS, the quality of the trainning was outstanding and i was always made to feel welcome. I would like to give a big thank you to all the instructors as they all helped me get through these exams. Thanks again CTTS, I will recomend you to everyone. Duncan Buchanan
Quality of training and, more especially , the trainer was top notch. Big thanks to Len, for guiding me through the minefield that is LGV. Don't go ANYWHERE else. Ian Ian Moorhouse
After 10years of not driving heavy goods vehicles the nerves were high but after 20 minutes with Eddie i soon relaxed, the staff at CTTS have a way of putting you at ease which is crucial when driving large vehicles it brings out your natural ability, so thank you CTTS your highly recommended to everybody i talk to..thanks gentlemen Mike Allan
If anyone is thinking of using CTTS for your Cat. D. Bus lessons and test well I've just came back from my test today (10.09.10) a very happy man. I was a nervous wreck on Monday and was all over the place but Les (my Trainer) talked and guided me through every step with total precision and detail above and beyond what you'd need to pass your test that I sailed my test. If Les is a mirror of what the other trainers are like then dont bother going anywhere else folks. Superb training guys, comfortable relaxed atmosphere, even the coffee was good :). Les please don't retire till your arms and legs fall off, the roads would be a safer place if there were more guys like you. Stephen Aird (All The Fours PLC)
Guys please edit Les to Len....... I'm a twat I know lol Stephen Aird
just passed my lgv completed the training over 2 weekends which was great didn't have to take any time off work.the guys at ctts are quality and make the course more enjoyable,looking forward to doing my hgv next year Mark Sexton
Just completed my HIAB course, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course, I learned so much from the class and would have no doubts about taking further training from CTTS. Thanks alot Graham Whitehead
3/11/2010-A huge thank you to everyone at CTTS for your support, guidance and hardwork in helping me gain my PCV licence. The instructors were patient, understanding and fantastic-even when I was having my mad freak out moments. Walking into such a male dominated environment can be intimidating but this is not the case at CTTS. All of the guys are really nice and do everything possible to make you feel at ease that you find yourself visiting just for a catch up. Sally Smith
Best decision I ever made when I chose CTTS Bathgate to do my re-settlement before leaving the Army.Thanks to the 2 Jim's , Len , Kenny and Eddie's great instruction I passed my Coach , Industry Refresher , CPC , HIAB ( lorry loader ) and SAFED all in a 3 week period.They were extremely efficient in all aspects even down to arranging my accommodation and airport transfers and I would not hesitate in recommending CTTS Bathgate to all serving and ex- members of the Armed Services. Danny Boyle
Just passed the B+E test today 13/10/10. Big thanks to Jim Mc for his first class tuition over the 3 days. I would fully recommend CTTS Training to anyone considering this type of course. William Lindsay
I would like to say sorry for taking so long to leave my comments as i finished doing my resettlement training for leaving the Army with CTTS about a year ago. What can i say as the people above have also stated CTTS offer a first class service (pure brilliant in my own words) which is both professional and curteous at all times. I would have no hesitation in recommending CTTS to anyone who is looking to do there resettlement course for leaving the UK Armed Forces as the experience that Jim Gillan has in the Military side and the experience Jim McEwen on the Civi side is second to none and they are only a phone call away for help and advice). I completed the Industry refresher(this i would say is a must for military drivers as it gives you a good heads up as to what to expect in civi street and you get training on Industry sized Vehicles. I also done HIAB, PSV, SAFED and My Drivers CPC all of them to a very very high standard and i would say that these course have helped in me finding employment i've worked so far driving car transporters for Nissan also worked for ASDA and are now coming to the end of a six month contract driving HGVs in Kuwait. I would wholeheartedly recommend CTTS to anyone wanting to become a professional driver. A big thank you to both Jims and all the staff at CTTS next time im passing ill call in for a brew. Malcolm Aitken
Completed my pcv d1 and my cpc with the guys at c.t.t.s Passed both first time, i cant fault the training. Great instructors, great course. Thanks very much guys. Chris Cole
I have just done my C+E yesterday with CTTS, to keep it simple, i had 2 car tests, 3 B+E's, 2 C's with other training company's! I take a weeks training with CTTS for my C+E with Kenny instructing me and i passed first time with only 3 minnor faults, that tells you all you need to know about the professionalism of Jim and the guys at CTTS, they get you more than ready for the test and all you have to do is do exactly what they teach and you will pass! Dont waste your time and money going anywhere else, ring Jim and get started Again a big thank you to Kenny in particular and Jim and the guys for everything Stephen Stephen Robertson
Just passed my PCV with CTTS and would highly recommend them to everyone. Special thanks to Len for his patience and instruction technique which helped me pass first time with CTTS. I had a great week and thank all at CTTS for their friendly, helpful and professional service; thank you. Rebecca Martin
I would like to say a huge huge thank you to all the Staff at CTTS with special thanks to Eddie for getting me through my PCV test on Thursday 3rd March 2011. When I arrived at CTTS I was very nervous and wasn't all that confident. I had my doubts that it was at all possible to train someone and pass a test within 5 days, but this company are true to the core and teach you the best way and install a confidence in you to pass your test. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking gain further experience in PCV/LGV towing etc. Thanks again lads the best. Darren Wilson
I needed to obtain my C1 and D1 for the Ambulance service, as i had to fund the course by myself it was especially important that I passed first time on both tests. Jim got me to do just that. His relaxed style and sense of humour kept me at ease and focused to learn. Both the Minibus and 7 tonner where a credit to the company. Thanks again Jim Charlie Loweth
I completed my first ever run last night in a 70seater coach, up some very tight lanes and busy town driving in the day and night, which am 110% certain that i wouldn't of been able to do with out the high level of exerlant training in pcv and cpc with these guys! big thanks to spud, len and the 2 jims! Grant Hoggarth
Passed my class 1 today following a great weeks training with eddie, great training all week can't fault,thanks for all the help guys hope you enjoy the beers eddie, thanks Derek manclark
What can I say really other than the fact that all the guys at CTTS are very welcoming and approachable. Passed my Class 2 and Class 1 with the exceptional instruction from 'Spud', Kenny and of course Jim G fondly known to me as 'Scoop Bib' lol. Jim Mc has the most fabulous jokes too. Will be a pleasure to promote CTTS to other wannabe truckers x Lisa Wilson
Cheers to all the lads at CTTS made me fell welcome and great help in getting my cat c Spud done us proud look forwad to doing my class 1 with yous cheers again Alan Carson
I have recently passed both my C1 and D1 tests with CTTS through the Ambulance initial course and would recommend CCTS to anyone wanting to learn to drive a larger vehicle to train with them. The guys there are very professional and very down to earth and I would like to thank all the guys for getting me through both my tests, couldn Gary Ward
I've Just completed my C+E course with CTTS, Passed My test on Friday. The training they provide is outstanding. All the Guys at CTTS are friendly and always willing to help in any way they can. Kenny was my instructor for Cat C+E and Jim Mc for Cat C when i done it in 2009. Would definately recommend them as a training provider. NO DOUBTS!! Jason Whitefield
Just a big thank you to Alan for helping me pass my PCV test on 24th June 2011. First class training from a first class instructor at a first class training company. All instructors are very plesant and go out their way to ensure you are best prepared for your test. I would recommend CTTS to anyone and advise others to go no where else. Thanks again lads. Mark Peden
A special big thanx to Mike (spud) for helping me pass my PCV test, first time on 03/08/11. Great instructor!!, First class company!! brilliant help throughout my 3 day course, will definitely keep driving the way I've been taught, The rest of the guys are great, make you feel right at home, Thanx Again!!! A tip for everybody ( If you listen! to what they are saying! & Do exactly as they ask!! then you'll do well ) Would recommend Everybody to come to CTTS for there training. Alan Murphy
I'm 53 and fancied a career change, the company i worked for had used CTTS before so i knew they had a good reputation. the training was first class and i manage to pass my class 2 with only 1 minor fault, i have now managed to secure a driving job. If your not sure which company to go to for training i would definately recommend CTTS. Charlie Ferguson
Passed my cat c today and i am over the moon, the training i received was first class and a special thanks to Spud for the training and to all the staff at CTTS Bathgate, i now need my CPC so i will see you all again very soon. i would recommend CTTS Bathgate to everyone a very professional company. Craig Keith Moffat
These lads are 1st class,A big thank you to Kenny, spud and the two Jims, who helped me pass my cat D, Now i work for stagecoach. I would RECOMMEND CTTS to any one, these guys are the BEST AROUND John Gunn
Big thanks to all the guys at C T T S done my class 2 with them and enjoyed the course and went back to them for C+ E and with their hepl passed first time , Thanks Eddy. and not forgetting the rrest of the guys many thanks. got to be the best training company around . George Baxter
I would like to thank all the lads at CTTS just passed my cat D and the boys made me feel very relaxed. Alan was very patient with me on my weeks intensive and the other lads were always extremely supportive and the two Jims were great crack. Brilliant and very professional happy to recommend CTTS to anyone. Thanks. David Maloney, AAA Coaches Ltd
Returned to CTTS for my Class 1....... and thank goodness i did- a big fat PASS! yehaaaaa. Thank you Eddie! and all at CTTS! X Rhona Henderson
A BIG thankyou to Big Jim and Slim JIm for all the excellent training and support you gave me while obtaining my CE pass.The training was second to none and well worth the travelling to Bathgate every day.I highly recommend anybody that is thinking about training to contact CTTS as you will not find a better prepared company than this one.I will be recommending you to my friends who are also looking to sit their BENDY licence in the near future.Once again lads thanks again and KEEP IT CHAPPIN. Adrian Taafe
CTTS - Simply the best - better than all the rest. If this team played for Scotland we would win everything with their passion and commitment. Make the effort go to CTTS it is well worth the time and effort - if you want to do it right - Jack Jack C King
would just like to say a big thanks to spud, 2 jims and the rest of the team for my weeks training in pcv driving and scottish, which i passed first time. i travelled from cumbria and i wouldn't go any where else! I will be back up soon to do my cpc and maybe one day my lorry tests! Grant Hoggarth
CTTS has a fantastic team giving one-to-one tuition. I have just passed my Cat C. Many thanks to Spud who taught me so much in 4 days with great patience. You are indeed a "Wee Gent". Angela Gregory
I went to ctts for both my class 1 and class 2 license, the experience was epic as well as the training so a big thanks to the Jims, spud and everyone else at ctts :) ill come back for coffee soon :) Ps spud when we gettin a jam? :P Cheers lads adrian giubarelli
i found CTTS very professional.a big thank-you to Eddie who commented and gave me huge advise on my driving and also gave me confidence...Eddie gave me all the help i needed and was doing very well but their was one thing he couldnt help me with and that was my nerves which took the better of me and failed...but test is booked back in and this time nerves is going to be non-existent so see you soon guys angela clark
I completed my B+E training & test with CTTS & the staff are fantastic, very proffessional, friendly & encouraging. A massive thank you to my trainer Len couldnt have done it without you. Thank you all so much, cant wait to take horse out & about :) Brenda Craig
Would just like to say a big thank you to all at CTTS it was a great week and made even better with a pass, i recommend anyone who would like to pass their test to use CTTS.they are a friendly and proffesional company but could do with learning some new jokes! once again thanks. John Thompson
Big thankyou to all on training to pass class 2 first time and for making female so relaxed in all male environment, i will be back for class 1 Eddie, thanks again. Sharon byrne
Would like to say a huge thanks to my instructor spud who was brilliant during my week training for cat C.Training ,it was excellent and I enjoyed every minute of it. Also a huge thanks to Jim Mc & jim G for the cpc training. I'l be going back to ctts in future for hiab,would'nt go anywhere else now . steven mcgowan
Just passed my C1 today thanks to Jim, Spud, Jason and Len at ctts. Quite a miracle really considering how hard I found it on day 1 (I thought i was going to fail for sure), but they got me through and I passed on day 3!! I had a good laugh as well, everyone is very experienced and down to earth but also up for some craic. Can't thank them enough especially Jim who sorted me out when he saw I was struggling. Ray Davey
Clackmannanshire Council Thank you once again to CTTS and my instructor Spud for his professional driving training all week ,Altho i had my category D license(19 years ago) he drilled it into me all week and weeded out my bad habits to make me succesfull in my test today 20/7/12 for my class 2. Anyone looking for a professional training school i can highly recomend CTTS. First Class thanks again Michael Empson
Just passed my C1 test this morning on my second attempt...Can't thank Jim G enough, he really gave me the confidence to pass and made me believe that I could drive it no problem! Sorry about the wing mirrors on the first drive though...at least I improved on my corners! :) Lisa Melvin
I've just passed my C1 test which I needed to join the Scottish Ambulance service. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and can't thank they guys enough! Jenny Jones
Cant thank thin jim and spud enough for the course it was the most proffesional course i have ever been on. Training was amazing and what a laugh you have with the trainers they are so proffesional and good at there job i couldt see anybody being better and would highly recommend them oh and yeh i passed first time with them. Stewart Moran
Class 1 passed today, Many thanks to my instructor Jason for The training and patience with me,especially during my reversing, Great week training, A+ 5*, what ever you want to call it, this company are at the top of the tree, HIAB is next for me back at C.T.T.S of course, Cheers Again to all at C.T.T.S Neil Chapman
Just passed my Category D1 and wish to thank all the friendly and helpful folk at CTTS. Everything is clearly explained and shown to you and the vehicles are great. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of undergoing training. Cheers folks. Anne Halliday
Just sat my class one with ctts . Although I failed I have to say a massive thank you to spud who was excellent all week with us he has taught me to drive totally differently than before I would recommend c.t.t.s to anyone .i will be returning for a retest very soon .many thanks guys .. To be continued ............. Alastair howden
CTTS , summed up by the idiom "It does exactly what it says on the tin" . Thanks to all involved particulary Jason . Highly recommended . Jim Hunter
Just passed my class 2 with ctts great bunch of guys first class training had a couple of bad days training but the instructor Jason kept at me so a big thanks to him a would recommend CTTS to any one and al be back for my class 1nxt year Stephen McGill
Just sat and passed my class 2 lgv with CTTS had a great weeks training with my instructer Jason a would recommend CTTS to any one who us thinking of going for driver training . There were to of us training that week and the two of us passed first time thanks to Jason Stephen McGill
would just like to thank jason and the rest of the guys at ctts i just passed my class 2 test after 4 days of training. thanks. graham wallace
Just passed my class 2 today with ctts just want to say a massive thank you to all the staff there especially my instructor graham who was brilliant will be back soon for my class 1 Garry Dunbar
Thanks to my instructor, jason, for getting me through my class 2 with a first time pass. Very skilled and understanding instructor and would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to get qualified. They were especially good during the nervous wait at the test centre by cracking jokes and keeping my mind off pre test nerves. Magic. Mark Anderson
Big thanks to all the guys at C.T.T.S especially my instructor Spud. Had a great week and passed my Cat C license and CPC first time would highly recommend to anyone Hopefully be returning in the near future for the C+E cheers guys Chris Macpherson
passed my class 1 c+e first time,big thanks to spud for his patience haha...and also to all the guys at c.t.t.s.highly recommended! ian smart
3 day course was excellent. All staff were very friendly and helpful. Great teaching methods, passed my C1 test first time today. Thanks to everyone, especially my instructor Jim M! Fraser Swain
Just passed my class 1 today thanks to the jason who helped me get the result I wanted thanks m8 and I also would like to thank the 2 jims graham and spud I would recomend these guys everytime for to quality training thanks again guys and all the best for the future C.T.T.S. russell mitchell
Passed my c+e with CTTS today 2nd attempt thanks so much to Spud, Jim Mcewan and all the other guys for your words of wisdom and inspiration, see you for CPC Jonny B
GRAEME! I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Graeme, who assisted me throughout my C1 driving course. As I Stephen Doohan
Thanks to ctts , training was great. Thanks to Eddie and Jason for putting up with me . Great instructors passed first time . Everyone there were great and very helpful . Will definitely recommend . James borwick
Passed my C1 today after taking the 3 day course with CTTS. Highly recommend this company. Great bunch of lads, Jim who I was trained by was top notch and trained me to ensure that I reached my maximum potential. Very enjoyable 3 days. Thanks CTTS. Craig Perry
just want to say a big thanks to all the guys at ctts for helping me pass cat c test first time,esp my instructor who had so much patience with me and gave me the confidence to pass, will recommend to all, thanks guys. john reardon (stirling council)
Passed my class2 today with Kenny in charge all week a must say he is a good instructor an would definately suggest ccts to anyone requiring trainnin thanks guys. Ross Cowan
Very big thanks to Len for putting me through my counterbalance forklift refresher course. Excellent training. Big thanks to jim also for arranging my ila to fund the course. All in all super service and recommend any one to CTTS Duncan Smith
I passed my B+E this week first time with only 1 minor and couldn't have done that without the great training and support from the guys at ctts. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to do this course. Thanks again guys can now tow the horse box :-) Leanne Taylor
just passed my cat c test 5/10/2012 with c.t.t.s the 2 jims in the office are bonkers,but just what you need when you are nervous about your test,big thanks to kenny for getting me through the week,be back soon for my hiab training,thanks again.rab. rab cairns
Big thanks to Jason + all the guys at CTTS that helped me pass my C1 this week. Can finally drive an ambulance now, woooh! Will recommend CTTS to many others. Thanks again! :D Laura Scott
Well, passed my C1 today first time! Thank you so much to Jim, and to the guys for calming my nerves. I sat in a lorry for the first time ony 3 days ago and in that time I have learned so much. Jim had confidence in me when I didnt have have confidence in myself....oh, and he's a winker!! ;) hahaha. Gail xx Gail Thornton
A very steep learning curve for a 3-day course on the C1, but Jason and Jim got me up to speed (no pun intended) with time to spare. Great equipment, great guys who know their profession inside out and they have left me with skills to take in to both the car and my future driving Ambulances! Thanks guys, much appreciated Kris McLean
Did my HIAB course last week passed it. I would like to thank len for his instruction on the course and all his wealth of knowledge in making the course so easy . Also all the staff at CTTS a first class training. PS Len thanks for sharing all your experience had a good time. Cheers Derek Kenneway
I would just like to say a huge thank You to my instructor Jim who was brilliant during all week training for cat D. Training itself was professional and I enjoyed it as there was time to do hard work and time to relax and laugh as well. I Passed my exam 1st time and recommend everybody to use CTTS. Very friendly staff in the office. Greetings to all of You!! Seb. Sebastian Przybyszewski
Thanks to the lads at CTTS for getting me through my C1 for the Ambulance Service! Paul Whyte
A big thank you to everyone at CTTS especially Jason who tutored me for the B+E test. Passed first time! Thanks Again! Andrew Sargison
yah dancer,passed my cat c today, over the moon. It was made all the easier with the excellent training all week, thanks guys, especially Jason. Cheers. Alan Innes
Big thanks to all the team at CTTS and especially my instructor Spud,had a great week,learned so much and had a laugh along the way and passed my PSV test today Friendly but professional setup Why go anywhere else!? Michael Connolly
Returned to CTTS for class 1 and passed first time BIG thanks to my instructor Spud, had a hard but fun week, thanks to all at CTTS and best place for the training!!!! Sharon Byrne
Just passed my D1 (Minibus) having completed three mornings of training with Jason. Thanks very much for all your help! Although an intensive few days, the instruction was relaxed and clear throughout. Cheers! Andy Howat
Very good 3-day C1 course instructed by Jason, very thorough and detailed training that helped me to gain the confidence and skills to drive my first 17.5 tonne truck. Thanks to all at the CTTS team for a sterling job! Simon Davidson - Scottish Ambulance Service
just passed my c1 course and absolutely delighted. A big thank you to all the guys who help me through it. Very good professional instructors and a nice fleet of vehicles. Had a great time doing the course. David Griffin
passed my class 2 today 23/05/13 second time. These guys are first class and make learning enjoyable but at the same time keep you on your toes. Big thanks to my instructor Jason and the team at CTTS. I will recommend when I can. thanks guys. Joe Farrell
Just passed my class 1 training this morning, no minors might I add!! Big thanks to my instructor Jason for all his help throughout the week. ctts offer 1st class training and everyone I came across within the company was more than willing to help and give me hints and tips, would recommend ctts to anyone wishing to undertake driver training. Thanks again guys. David Henney
Better late than never Jason!! Want to say big thanks to everyone at CTTS. Training is first class and would highly recommend to anyone. After a hard 4 days training I passed the CAT C rigid on the 5th. Thanks to Jason for weeding out all the bad habits that I have accumulated over the years. Will be back soon for C + E. Excellent training organisation. Colin Hunter
Just finished and passed my class C license this morning,Many thanks to Jim for making the course enjoyable and very informative, i can now see why C.T.T.S have the amazing pass record that they have,Everybody i know will know i have passed my C license,but most of all they will all know it was C.T.T.S that trained me for it, Thanks again Roll on the 29th for my C+E training Neil Chapman
would like to thank all the staff at ctts bathgate for a great week , would like to thank jason for my class 1 lgv training which i passed at the end of the 5 day course, would highly recommend ctts for all your driver training needs , once again thanks william finlay
Excellent training, highly recommended. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to my instructor Graham, I passed first time. Thank you! Craig Lithgow
Just recently finished a C1 course with CTTS training and to be honest it was fab ! I would like to thank Jason and Jim G in particular as their teaching and patience made me feel at ease and the content and pace of the course was spot on. Would highly recommend CTTS as an excellent place for gaining extra driving qualifications. Had a great couple of days and have put some bad driving habits to rest. Many thanks guys !! Lee-Anne Russell
Just passed my C+E test today(at last) and too my class 2 test with them also and would recommend CTTS to anyone looking to do these courses.very professional and patient,thanks to all instructors who took me on my test days,i learned a lot from you all,if anyone is looking at other training options don't bother, you will not get more professional or supportive than CTTS,great bunch of lads,cheers Richard Williams
Passed my cat c yesterday with only 2 minors, this was down to the expert training from jim g, jim mc and jason.these guys are the best in the business.would be the only company i would recommend to anyone.great training, good coffe and good craic.these guys put yo at ease from the first time behind the wheel..cheers guys andy hogg
Thanks lads for info saved me a costly mistake and money I cant afford to lose looking forward to training with you and gaining my c/e lic thanks again for youre free knowledge. MARTIN MCCANN
Hi guys. Just want to thank everyone at CTTS for a great weeks training and getting me through my class 2 test first time. Will defiantly be back for my class. 1. Would like to thank Spud especially for being a great instructor and I will remember everything you have taught me. Neil Gibson
Very good training and instructors . Really enjoyed my training now I've got a full time career driving buses and coaches . The boss man , very good and funny . Gives you a great service . Might just come back and do hgv training . Won't go anywhere else . James
Would just like to say thanks to all at CTTS for helping me get through my PCV today. Especially thanks to my instructor Spud.. Thanks again lad's and i will defo recommened to everyone. steven douglas
Just a quick thank you to the guys at CTTS especially Graeme my instructor whose training was excellent.Would not hesitate in recommending them for hgv training.looking forward to doing my class 1 with them,once again thanks guys. Alan graham
Just a quick message to say thank you to CTTS for getting me through my class 2. Big thanks especially to Jason who's guidance was superb throughout the course. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about going through driver training to use CTTS. Will see you guys all in a couple of weeks when I return hopefully to obtain my class 1. Cheers! Kris Pheely
It was nearly 2 years ago that I passed my Cat D PCV with CTTS, and I found it a bit of a challenge! However if it wasn't for the patience of the team, I wouldn't be running my own small business today. Jim didn't give up on me and with Spud and Jason I got there in the end. Now after 2 years as a professional driver taking tour groups all over the UK I can at last say a big thank you to all at CTTS for a great start. Keith Hendrie
Past my class 2 with ctts had Jason as an instructor great guy very professional company thanks again Stuart suckling
Thanks to CTTS for a challenging, but brilliant experience throughout learning my C1, with great support and guidance from my instructor, Lisa. Excellent selection of modern, well maintained vehicles here and a really active place. Would highly recommend - the team here really cares about getting you to pass your test, as well as ensuring you're a safe driver for the future. Thanks guys! Chris Smith
Hi Jim and team Just a bit of feedback Jim, and to say a big thank you for getting me through my LGV test first time. Graham was great, not just explaining when to something and how to do it clearly, but why and the consequences of not doing it. Also your vehicles are spotless and a pleasure to drive, not like some of the competition I see on the road. You did say on our first meeting your trainers do their very best to ensure we pass and your were bang on. Thanks again. David Punton
Thanks to everyone at CTTS helping me pass (1st time) my catD licence especially Graham for getting me through the week when I felt like giving up, thought my nerves wouldve got me on the day...but I got there in the end. Many Thanks to you all? Gwen Gibson
Done my C, CE and Module 4 with CTTS. Many thanks to the two Jims, Spud and Eddie and the rest of the squad. Had a great time learning with them. Highly recommended Stuart Cloy
would like to thank everyone at ctts for helping me pass my cat d licence never been so nervous but got there in the end with a lot of encouragement thanks again all Evelyn Sutherland
Having recently passed my car and trailer test thanks to the guys at C.T.T.S I can't recommend them highly enough friendly yet professional and approachable making it a good few days training and a successful test for me! Huge thank you to all involved, keep up the good work guys! Emma Fenwick
Passed my c1 today with these guys. Would like to thank them for fitting me in in such short notice & getting me through my test with only 5 minor faults. Highly recommend them. Laura McDermott
Passed my class 2 today 13/03/15 thanks to all the guys especially my instructor Mike (Spud) execellent instructor and a credit to the company. Malcolm Stewart
Just passed my class 1 today a big thank you to Jason and ctts for all of there help this week. Thanks again guys cheers ray stewart
Realy good instructors explain everything make you feel at ease wanting you to do well totally recommend John shields
Quality instruction, quality vehicles, quality staff Quality company CTTS ROCKS Darren crumpton
Sat my Class 1 with your company last week and my instructor was Spud. I found Spud absolutely brilliant, who made me feel very much at ease. I would throughly recommend this company as I also passed my Class 2 with them as well with Derek the instructor. Thank you very much to all concerned. Dean Mcmorran
Great experience with CTTS team. They took me nice and easy through my class 2 licence and CPC. Big, massive THANK YOU to all of you guys, especially my driving instructor, and I'll definitely see you again later this year for my class 1. Oh, highly recommended to all foreigners too ;) lol Sebastian
Just passed my cat c with the expert training provided by Jason at CTTS. Right from the start the friendly staff at CTTS make you feel relaxed and welcome and the training they provide is second to none. I wouldn't hesitate in Recommending CTTS to anyone looking for the best in professional driver training. THANK YOU CTTS. Stuart Robertson
thank you ctts for training me for my class 1 license.good equipment to train on,and great instruction from Jason made sure I passed a test that I was having problems passing .having previously used another bigger training company,i would have to say there was a better and more focused approach taken by your trainer which I believe helped greatly in getting me past my nerves and 200 mph approach to driving. many thanks again. david Reynolds @ freightroute falkirk david reynolds
Cant thank the guys at CTTS enough! Got me through my C1 in preparation for joining the ambulance service in 3 (half) days of driving. To be honest i thought when i got in the 7.5 tonnes on Monday morning there was no hope of me passing the test, but Jim was a great instructor and by the time we Neil Livingston
Done 5 Day Cat D licence course and with in them 5 day the boys at C.T.T.S turned me from a nervous wreck that had never sat in the bus driver seat to a confident driver that passed first time !!! So forget the rest and learn with the BEST!!! Glenn Smith
Thanks to C.T.T.S. for the excellent training this week. My driving style has now changed for the better. I have enjoyed the great training received this week. It's been a pleasure to gain great experience through instructor "spud". Highly recommended!! George McClymont
Huge thanks to the guys at C.T.T.S! With Jasons help, I passed my cat B+E first time. Everyone was helpful and friendly and was able to answer any questions that I had. Would highly recommemd C.T.T.S to anyone, and I will hopefully be back for more training in the future. Thanks again guys! Adam Simpson
Would like to thank Eddie and Jason from C.T.T.S for helping me gain my class 2 and 1, couldn't do it guys without your help you's were great, and I would highly recommend you's guys to anyone who asks me. Thanks guys Marc kelly
Just like to thank everyone at ctts for the first class training they offer.Would like to personally thank Jason for helping me pass my class 1 first time. Would recommend this company for any training you are after. Robert Howitt
Would like to thank the guys at ctts especially Tracey , you kept me cool calm and collective when a needed it , past my class 2 1st time tyvm .would highly recommend them too anybody who wants to pass , they make you feel part of there team , even if it is only a week , and they are very passionate about there guys passing , massive thanks again . Thomas penman
Had a great three days at CTTS carrying out my C1 training for the Ambulance Service. Graeme and the rest of the guys made me feel at ease, and the constant evaluation meant I succesfully passed my test. The lorry is good, the training is great, and I wouldn't hesitate to travel down from Aberdeen for more training in the future! Kieran Whitford
It's been a long time since I first visited CTTS to enquire about driving a bus and received really useful help from Jim on completing my medical and theory tests. It culminated in me returning last week (July 2015) to do the practical part. It was a challenging week and v steep learning curve but I was absolutely ecstatic on Friday when I passed first time and gained my PCV licence. Big thank you to Tracey for boosting my confidence and remaining calm and encouraging despite the issues with the mirror. Extra big thanks to Derek for persevering with me over the week. I certainly wasn't the best trainee but was genuinely trying to follow all his instructions. Sadly my brain and 20+ years of bad car driving habits meant that didn't always happen. Made me realise I need to be more tolerant and understanding of pupils I teach who are struggling. Somehow however enough bad habits were removed and I am so happy to have achieved that pass which I thought at times unlikely. I'll be back to do the one day CPC initial training during a school holiday in the near future. Many thanks again CTTS John ODonnell
Excellent standard of training. Would certainly recommend to anybody that want to raise their driving skills to a professional standard. MPG
Just passed my class one today first try with 1 minor thanks to Jason. great guys here and exelent training standards and the vehicles are all great. I highly recommend ctts to anyone. gavin cramb
excellent training provider, totally professional while still a relaxed and organised course. I had 2 days with Grahame and a few hours with jason prior to test. progressed from zero experience, bad car driving habits and never driven anything larger than a corsa. c1 licence was required to progress into ambulance service. I passed first time and I must say that it was largely due to the quality of instruction I recieved. highly recommend ctts driver training. they also allowed me to come in on the weekend too which really helped me out. thanks to the team at ctts! paul smith
Passed my C+E on Friday 17th thanks to Eddie for his expert training a credit to the company. Highly recommend all the team at ctts training is to a high standard. Malcolm Stewart
Just a quick note to thank everybody at C.T.T.S. for their help, instruction and advice throughout my (very quick) week successfully training for my PCV Cat D. In particular, Derek my instructor was brilliant! Patience of a saint at times. Day 1 started with him saying "If you listen to what I say, you'll be fine..." and he wasn't wrong! He took me, someone whose biggest vehicle they'd ever driven was a transit van, from knowing nothing at all about driving a coach to someone more confident at the controls and able to get down country-roads, single-track bridges and the various fun roundabouts that West Lothian has to offer! It was an intensive 4 days training with the test on day 5 but it was relaxed, professional and enjoyable! I would highly recommend C.T.T.S. to anyone looking to train in a new licence category and would have no hesitation in going back if I wanted to learn to drive any other categories which they offer! Mark Bonallo
Massive thank you to my instructor Derrick, and spud, who got me through my cat C course last week (4/8/2015). Very patient and has a vast amount of knowledge which was passed onto us, and helped us pass our test. Jim and all his team made everyone feel very welcome and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to pursue a career in this industry. All the best Kris Kris
Passed today my CPC practical test (PCV) at the first time. Both Jims are absolutely brilliant! I'm really looking forward to my driving lessons!! Gabriele Cunningham
I sat my cat c, c+e and cpc with ctts and all I can say is they are an amazing company to train with, they ease you into the training, they give you the support you need to get through your tests, best company by far in Scotland to sit your training with! Staff are all amazing and you can have a good laugh with them, the wagons you train on are second to none, thank you very much with everything guys I would defonetley recommend you guys to anyone 10/10!!!!!!!!! Sean little (derek Bertram transport)
Totally recommend this company to anyone passed first time due to instructors help support and wanting you to do well and pass made me feel welcome from the very start thank you ctts John shields
Passed my class c today with ctts. Jim makes you feel at home and relaxed. John the instructor made you feel confident and at ease with the training and test. A big thank you to all the guys at ctts would recommend them to anyone thinking of doing there hgv training. Thanks guys Pete cannon
Many many thanks to CTTS. Not long finished my Class C with CTTS, my instructor 'Spud' was 1st class! He was very thorough with procedures and information. From the off I settled in with the course, I did have a few 'bloopers' on my part but Spud was always truthful with the feedback and I took in what he said. Passed Class C with only 4 minors and there is no way you can fail if you just do as you are taught. Looking forward to doing C+E and HIAB at end of November. Highly recommend CTTS for any of your training needs, all the Staff are very helpful. Thanks again. Steve Fernandez
Day 1 was daunting but great instruction and banter the week became easy and the driving 2nd nature, great value for your money and plenty driving time .I'd recommend CTTS to anyone thinking of upgrading there licence .Thanks Dereck ,had a great week and thanks to all the staff ..ps yeah a pass C +E Kenneth mullen
i was very nervous on my first day about PSV driving course, but my instructor TRACY made me feel totally at ease. She installed a confidence in me that it will all start coming together on the second and third day and it actually did. I couldn't have done it without the help and support of all the staff at CTTS espacially TRACY (and my final practice before the test with SPUD). Their professionalism and support was Amazing. Thanks again guys MALIK A SHOUKAT
Well chuffed and glad that I passed my LGV Cat C (Class 2). I would just like to say a massive thanks to everyone at CTTS who were all friendly and had an excellent sense of humour. Special thanks to Spud (Mike Murphy) who trained me up to the high standard needed to pass my test. I will be back to sit my Cat C + E (Class 1) as soon as my licence comes back. Had an excellent week and I am looking forward to getting my articulated lorry licence. Jordan Bryce
Day 1 was daunting but great instruction and banter the week became easy and the driving 2nd nature, great value for your money and plenty driving time .I'd recommend CTTS to anyone thinking of upgrading there licence .Thanks Dereck ,had a great week and thanks to all the staff ..ps yeah a pass C +E Kenneth mullen
Cat C done, all thanks to wee Spud, what a man! Great team of guys up at CTTS Bathgate, would definitely recommend! P.S try not to miss us winkers too much Spok, we'll be back soon ???? Jamie
Boys are awsome here, such a laugh and make you feel welcome. Thanks to graham and derek for putting up with my bullshit and general piss taking, love yous really, hahaha Derek gillies
Fantastic company will great/very clean lorries. Instructors are 2nd to none. Big thanks to Jason n Derek for getting me through my Class 2 then Class 1. Highly recommend this excellent company. Bob Grant
Passed my class 1 with help from Derek my instructor.the training these guys provide is outstanding and I would recommend anyone thinking of getting hgv trained to go with CTTS.once again thanks guys I couldn't have done it without you! Alan graham
I would just like to thank CTTS for my training. The instructors were brilliant and made me feel completely at ease which helped a lot with the nerves. I couldn't have asked for any better. I highly recommend this company to anybody. Thanks guys Michael swan
Thanks to a great instructor passed my c+e first time with only 1 minor. Jason is down to earth clear with instruction and made me feel really at ease all week. Thanks again mate James Mcintyre
Passed my Class 1 first time with no minors. I would like to thank Jason and everyone at CTTS for being so patient and making it as easy as possible to pass the test. Thoroughly recommended! Steven Dalrymple
Just passed my class 2 test first time with C.T.T.S on the 30/10/15. Many thanks to derek and the team, first class service. Keep up the good work and see use guys again when its time for the class 1. Andy O'neill
Passed my cat c rigid thanks to mike murphy very happy thank you Jason morris
Sat my cat c, c+e and my cpc with C.T.T.S. brilliant company 10/10. Passed my cat c+e with only 3 minors thanks to Jason my instructor. A good bunch of guys. Was quite nervous but was made to feel at ease. Great training lessons. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of going for their hgv. Thanks Scott Begley from SMA
I would like to thank ctts and my instructor Jason for the training and advice Passed my c+e first time and would highly recommend to anyone, The whole week was a great experience Michael Newlands
Just completed my C1 training and passed my test first time all thanks to CTTS. Jason was an excellent instructor; very knowledgable with plenty of feedback given throughout all while keeping the atmosphere relaxed and putting me at ease. Thanks to him I can now start my new career with the Ambulance Service. For anyone needing training I couldn't reccomend CTTS more highly. Andrew Dyer
Just completed my class c and cpc with ctts passed both first time with the qaulity training aye got. Would like to say thanks to spud. Great training comany. Mark Munro
just completed my C1 training and passed my test first time . I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone at CCTS , especially to my instructor Tracey for making me feel at ease and for identifying the areas of my driving that required the most work , thanks to your excellent instruction and professionalism I can now start my career with the Scottish Ambulance service . I would highly recommend CCTS to anyone wishing to add higher category's to their licence . Thanks again I couldn't have done it without you ?? Jacqueline McCallum
Just passed my C+E. Was instructed by Jason. Lets just say Im not a natural when it comes to the reverse. Can thank him enough for his patience and understanding. An excellent company that I would recommend to anyone. George Macleay
Just passed my c 1&2 with ctts, I would like to say huge thanks to spud, Jason and rest of the ctts team for excellent training and support.extreamly professional guys, would recommend to everyone.thanks guys. Rocky multani
Just completed my class 2 training . Did a weeks course with tracy and passed 1st time . Very good instructor made me feel very comfortable and got me through the week at ease. Thanks very much A++++++++++ jim macpherson
Just passed my class 2 today thanks to Jason for showing me exactly what I needed to do and thanks to everyone at ctts for making me feel welcome James hogg
A massive thanks to the two Jims for all there help and support and knowledge. I started my PCV driver training on a Monday with no other experience than a car licence, I went from a nervous wreck on the first day making mistakes to a confident driver who by the end of my 4th day, all thanks to my instructor Derek with his support and guidance. Intend to do my Cat C and C+E, would not go anywhere else. To anybody from Edinburgh area travel that little bit further and go to Bathgate as your closest training provider isn't the best one which I can say first hand. Huge thanks to CTTS team! Stevie Thomson
I Gordon Dowling
Can't recommend these guys enough, Done my class 2 through them last year then my class one last week, passed both tests first time. Thier fleet of trucks are top notch and the instructors and management team do a great job. Thanks to my instructor Jason especially. Stuart O'Neill
I'm 21 and have sat both my b+e and c courses with CTTS and everytime I have felt comfortable with the instructors and actually enjoyed my week rather than being nervous etc. 10/10 service from the guys. Andrew Byers
Passed my PCV licence yesterday! Thanks to Derek (my instructor) and to Big Jim who put me totally at ease. I will recommend CTTS to everyone who wants the PCV licence! Gabriele Cunningham
Thanks to tracy there for helping me get thro my class 2 first time top class instructor and good bunch of pepole there John marshall
I enjoyed my psv training and I pass my test thanks to Graham for teaching how do it and he made it so easy to do if your looking for to do your psv training this is the best training company to go with and I will definitely recommend to everyone to go with CTTS training and I just want to thank the CTTS staff especially graham that trained me Thanks Steven Grubb (From Kirkcaldy)
Passed my Class 1 & 2 within three weeks; the instruction was first class. A big thanks to Derek for my Class 1 and Spud for my class 2, it was a steep learning curve but the guys got me through it even when at times I doubted I could make the grade. Thanks again to all at CTTS. Mick Hardy
Just want to say a big thank you too everyone at ctts very friendly and caring and a big special thank you to my trainer Derek for helping me achieve passing my class 1 first time top man highly recommend them by far the best thanks again Brian cuthill
I'd like to thank all the team at CTTS for the great week of training I had for my class 2, Passed my test 1st time with flying colours. Everyone was so friendly, made me feel relaxed and at home while maintaining a very professional manner towards teaching. Highly recommend CTTS. Massive thank you to my instructor Tracy for a great week of training. Also like to thank Graham for my CPC training. Jason Primus - 01/04/16 Jason Primus
passed my class 1 and 2 first time at ctts and hopefully later on in the year go back and do my cat D. would highly recommend them to anyone and as an added bonus I worked at tts-24/7 who helped find me permanent work this year. andy o'keefe
just passed my class one test today with only 1 minor,jason was my instructor and a fantastic one at that,his teaching skills are fantastic and he makes you feel so relaxed and explains everything in detail,i would highly recommend this company for there courses,thanks for a fantastic week,cheers. ERIC WALKER
Just completed a course at CTTS .Thanks to Jim and all the guys,for all the help and support on passing my test.I am already thinking of going back to do my class one in the future as it is a great place to train.A special thanks to Jason my instructor for the week who helped me feel relaxed and got me through my test,big thanks again Jason cheers wattie. Wattie selley
This is the third time I have used CTTS for our vehicle training and again passed first time. Spud was calm collected and precise in exactly how you should drive a class 2 hgv. This training Meathod got me through the exam and I will shortly take my class 1 course with confidence that they will get my to a high standard of driving to allow me to call my self a professional driver. Can't recommend CTTS enough. John Morton - Capital Tree Services ltd
It was an overall good experience. I had a good instructor Jason and I did pass class 1 at the first attempt despite very limited time committed to the most difficult part- reversing, which was the only negative thing. So overall I would recommend them. Pawel Wasik
Just passed my C1 driving with the help from Graham! Great support and encouragement over the past few days. The whole team at CTTS are very professional and welcoming. Thanks guys! Gabby Jackson
Passed my c1 test and I just want to say everyone at C.T.T.S was great. Jim my instructor was fantastic! And made me feel calm throughout it all. Great bunch of folk and very outstanding instructor ! Thanks Alison Ross
I just want to say a big thank you to CTTS for all their patience and help! I sat the B+E test today in order for me to tow my horses and passed first time!!! Could not believe it, especially since I struggle to reverse a fiat 500 but with Graham's help and encouragement I can now say I am confident to reverse not just a fiat 500 but a 4x4 and trailer!! Thanks again guys!!! Gill Hamilton
CTTS Must be the best. Thanks Jason and all the team for your encouragement and faith in me. Passed D1 last Friday with a first class trainer, cheers again Jason. Utterly recommend this team, a totally professional attitude to get the job done to a high standard. Thanks again all of you. Sinclair
Thanks to slim Jim & Jim for fitting me in @ short notice !! Much appreciated Jason brilliant throughout the week . C + E passed at last ....cheers guys !!! Great bunch off chaps & top company . Steven lee
Just passed my class 1 driving test with ctts. Jason was my instructor and all credit goes to him along with the two Jims. Jason is a fantastic instructor with great teaching skills. Looking forward to returning again soon to gain my cpc with ctts. Thanks for a great week. Daz shearer
Passed my class 1 today on my second attempt with only 1 minor . Failed my first one due to my own mistake . Thanks to derek so teaching me and to all the guys at ctts . Awsome training company James hogg
The fourth time i have used CTTS for training and once again passed first time. Jason used a calm collected friendly style of training and put me at ease for my C+E test. Simply listen to any of the training team at CTTS and YOU WONT FAIL. Thanks again and cant recommend enough. John Morton - Capital Tree Services Ltd
Big thank you to CTTS. Great course that's strict on correcting your mistakes. Instructor gets you more than ready for test day with consistent and precise feedback. I passed my C1 license with 3 minors after being fairly rubbish on day 1! Siobhan
Thank You very much CTTS for the training, thank You Derek for all good advices and tips. I passed my full D cat. first time and CPC too. Very trustworthy company :) Jan Bejgerowski
So happy with the guys at ctts cat c training started on Monday test taken and passed on Friday absolutely brilliant place always made to feel at ease and my instructor John grant massive thumbs up to you great guy great instructor will be back for more courses ?????? Joe wakeman
Just passed my cat C+E with CTTS. Its my second time using them as I also gained my cat C with them two years ago. I have been a bus driver for 16 years and have received plenty of in house company training but the level of training given at CTTS is to a much higher standard. Staff are very friendly and willing to help you if there is anything your not sure of. Big thank you to spud and all the CTTS team for your help. Chris Bridgman
Just passed my class 2 today first time. Big thanks to all at ctts and especially John my instructor who was very professional and friendly which put me at ease through the whole week of my lessons. John said he would get me through this and he did. Could not of asked for anymore and will definetely recommend ctts to anyone and hopefully see you all soon for my class 1. Thanks. Michael Fortune
Passed my C1 practical test today for starting a new job with The Ambulance Service. I was sooooo nervous and had no sleep last night stressing about it. Both instructors I've had at CTTS have been patient and supportive throughout, despite me being a wreck! A big thanks to Stuart and John for putting up with me and getting me through it. Would highly recommend this lot. Merry Christmas Carole Anne Sinclair
Done a 5 day PCV course with Derek and a CPC day with Stuart! 2 top class instructors. Big thanks to them and the two Jim's. Brilliant company, would recommend to anyone! Thanks again guys! Niall Douglas
Sat my B+E test and passed first time under the instruction of Derek. Really great bunch of people to train with as they are all so down to earth and friendly. 10/10 for service, would recommend to anyone. Daniel Davidson
I have just passed my class 2 with CTTS,very professional from day one,well explained,very good trucks nice and smooth drive.Big thanks to my instructor John who helped me do it but be careful he won't speak to you if you fail:)) Kamil Drabinski
Well chuffed. Passed first time. Test went how trainer described.constantly revised what to watch for - 2nd nature on the day. relaxed tranning style. wifes cooking the distractor to draw out the bad habbits. look forward to doing my class 1 with you guys. James M
I did my class 2 Licence with John in Jan/Feb 2017. Well recommended company. Extremely helpful, passed first time so I was well chuffed. Thanks again C.T.T.S. Liam Milloy
Massive shout out to Spud for the training on the Class 1 last month. After nerves got the better of me last month I went back again today and smashed it. I am so happy. This really has changed my life. I got John this morning to go over the reverse and also go over some driving points. This company really is the business if you want to make decent progress with your licence upgrade. If you put the work in and listen then you will defiantly see results. Even if it takes you once or in my case twice to Pass. Thanks again everyone at C.T.T.S. Also to Jim McEwen for going over the Tacho Rules with me today. Peace out Liam Milloy
huge thanks to everyone at C.T.T.S passed my class 2,couldn,t ask for more , john was brilliant , plus trucks were excellent ,made learning easy, once I got the hang of the split box and roundabouts. #countrybumpkin IAN DICKSON
Would just like to Thank CTTS and in particularly Lenny T. for outstanding Method of Instruction. Douglas Willis
Well recommended cttstraining. I passed my class 2 and pcp 1 time. Waiting for class 1 with them. Polecam trening z CTTS. Wszystko zdane za pierwszym razem. Super instruktor, bezstresowo mi?a atmosfera. Zaliczasz kilka kraw??nik Maciej Morawski
Passed my cat C licence with a clean sheet the other week with training from CTTS. John was a great instructor, he was very thorough and supportive throughout and by Friday I was more than ready for the test. CTTS is an excellent company and I'll be back for cat C+E in a while. Thanks! Iain Elstone
Passed my class 2 12 years ago and just passed my class 1 today (Friday 19th May 2017) both times with ctts,instructors first class so glad I went with these guys,thanks for this week Jason (instructor)couldn't have done it without you Colin Watt

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