Industry Refresher

CTTS offers a course for those returning to the Industry or for individuals who wish to upgrade their skills beyond that required to pass the driving test.  These courses are tailored to the specific requirements of the customer and as such they have no fixed content on duration.

Some of the topics that can be included:

  • Driving modern full size artic truck
  • Driving unladen    
  • Driving fully laden at 44 tonne    
  • Advanced driving techniques
  • Coupling / uncoupling using air suspension
  • Further reverse training including in a commercial yard
  • Loading and load security, curtains, straps etc   
  • Checking a vehicle and defect procedures
  • Drivers hours and tachograph legislation

This list is not exhaustive and as such can be added to by the candidate.

The course can also be conducted for those who currently hold the Cat C licence.  Whether its confidence or experience you require then this is the course for you.

This course is conducted on a one to one basis allowing us to concentrate on your specific requirements.  A training day is of 4.5 hours duration and can be one day or more again depending on your request, you know best what you need.

 The course is invaluable for those who perhaps passed their test but however still lack that bit of self confidence or they perhaps gained their licence on a “wagon and drag” and subsequently require converting to an artic.  It is also a valuable course for those leaving the military who already hold the licence but who need to familiarise themselves with the commercial side of being a driver.

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