Forklift Truck Driver Training Courses, Forklift Operator Training, Scotland, UK

At CTTS we offer a variety of forklift courses for our customers. All forklift truck driver training courses are conducted on our client’s premises. The instructors are all qualified/registered and are experienced on counterbalance and reach trucks. The courses available are.

Basic Training - Forklift Truck Driver Training (3 day course)

This course will enable a driver with no forklift experience to progress through the course and on successfully passing the tests qualify them as a forklift operator certified by the examiner.  The course involves both practical and theory training. They will receive training on the safe working practices applicable to forklift operations and sufficient practical training to ensure the operator is conversant and comfortable with the operating of the machines in a work environment.

Refresher - Forklift Truck Driver Training (1 day)

This course is for operators who are required to re-qualify.  This course again involves theory and practical training and on successful completion will result in the operator being certified by the examiner.

If an employee has no certificate but has a tractable record as a forklift operator then it maybe possible to gain certification on a 2 day course.

We can also conduct flexi/articulated forklift truck driver training on the customer’s premises.

By having the training conducted in house it allows the company operators to train on the machines that they will be operating for the employer, and training can be incorporated for load specific operations.  Training can be conducted at the weekends or other times to meet the requirements of the customer.

The certificate can also be issued to the company stating that the employee is certified to operate their machines, on their premises as part of his/her employment.  This means that the company is the holder of the certificate and not the individual.

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