CPC Driver Training (Initial)

Initial CPC Driver Training

When did it begin?
Bus and Coach Drivers - 10th September 2008
Lorry drivers - 10th September 2009.

What is Initial Driver CPC Training?
As a new driver from the above dates, you will need to pass the Driver CPC Training theory and practical tests in addition to the license acquisition theory and practical tests if you intend to drive professionally.
Note: If you already hold a PCV or LGV license issued before these dates you will have acquired rights and will not be required to take the initial qualification, however; both new and existing drivers will be required to complete periodic training

The initial qualification has been divided into 4 modules designed to give you flexibility to obtain your vocational license only, or to gain Driver CPC at the same time.

Module 1- Theory Test (2 parts, part 1: multiple choice, part 2: hazard perception).
Multiple choices: 100 questions you must score 85 correct.

Hazard Perception Test: 19 film clips in which you must identify developing hazards, marked out of 100 you must score a minimum 67 to pass

Module 2- Case Studies
Computer based test using case studies, based on real life scenarios that you may encounter in your working life.

Module 3- Practical Test
Driving Test including Eco-Safe Driving assessment.

Module 4- Driver CPC Training - Practical Test
A new 1/2 hour practical test focusing on vehicle safety.

What happens once I’ve passed my Driver CPC Training?

Your Driver CPC License lasts for five years.
To retain your Driver CPC License you will need to complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years to continue to drive professionally. Please see the section titled Driver CPC License Periodic.

Further information can be found at: www.drivercpc-periodictraining.org or give us a call.

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