About CTTS

At present the vast majority of driver training which is conducted by the training companies is carried out on old vehicles, which only just meet the minimum test vehicle requirements. These vehicles are very often of such a dated design that they are no longer comparable with the vehicles that are currently being used in the industry. The reasoning behind the use of such vehicles is not only one of cost but also the production line theory of producing test passes with little consideration given to the future employability of the trainee.

A driver who has recently passed their test often finds it impossible to get a job in an established company because he may have passed the test but he lacks any experience of driving modern, full size, fully freighted vehicles. He has no knowledge of Tachographs or driver's hours' legislation. In effect he may have passed his test but he falls short of what is required in today's modern transport industry.

The only option for newly qualified drivers in this position is to sign up to agency work. Agencies may fail to provide a regular income. If the agency fails to secure work, the driver may spend more time waiting for work than actually working. This uncertainty is particularly relevant to Forcers leavers who at this time require the stability offered by regular employment in a secure job.

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