Category C

HGV / LGV Driver Training and Lorry Driver Training throughout Scotland and UK

The minimum age in Scotland and UK for this licence is 18 years old and you must hold a full Cat B (car) and Provisional Cat C licence which covers you for HGV / LGV driver training and lorry driver training.

In order to undertake HGV / LGV driver training and lorry driver training you must first go through the following stages:

1. Obtain the required application pack D2 & D4 (available from CTTS free). We only post them on receipt of a SAE.

2. Get your doctor or CTTS doctor to carry out the required medical completing the D2 form.

3. You complete the D4 provisional Cat C application form.

4. You send both the D2 & D4 along with both parts of your existing licence to DVLA Swansea

There is NO FEE to pay and 10-15 working days later you should receive your new licence which covers you for HGV / LGV driver training and lorry driver training.

5. Study for the theory test, we can supply the training books and discs for a small fee (optional).

6. Pass the required theory test. The test is now a two part test and can be sat one after the other.

  • Part 1 - 100 multiple choice questions (you must get 85 correct from the possible 100)
  • Part 2 - Hazard perception 19 film clips from which you must correctly indicate developing hazards. In this part of the test you must achieve a score of 67 out of the available 100.

7. Having passed the theory/hazard perception tests you can now undertake the practical driver training. Train to the DSA test standard and take the test.

For those who do not hold the grandfather C1 licence, it is to your advantage to do the CPC Case Study test at the same time as the Theory / Hazard tests.

On passing the test: you are licensed to drive any rigid lorry above 7.5t towing a trailer no heavier than 750kg.

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